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Full Version: frnt chevy clip removal.
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I am trying to remove the front clip to my k5 blazer (1987) .
What all has to come unbolted for removal?
Ive unbolted the :

font two body mounts
2 bolts behind the door on top as it opens.

What is next?
there is one bolt right in the door jam each side, 2 in the inner fender each side, on at the bottom of fender by the door each side, 2 core support bolts, 2 on top of fender by each side of hood and that should it i belive..
ill get those bolts undone when I get back to the garage. anyone up for helping me remove it tonight if possible?[COLOR="Silver"]

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[/COLOR]I will be out there at my parents till late so dont be shy. give a call. its on 7.2 mile chena hot springs road. (Green acres)
907 5 nine zero 3 zero 77