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Full Version: Learn me a Lil something.
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I have two things that are beyond my expertise. First is the head and intake install on the 1GR-FE for the 2003 4Runner and then throwing it in. Fairly certain I have everything (parts, fluids, gaskets, tools) on hand to facilitate it. Second is replacing the air solenoid on my front diff for my air locker. If I can get that on I can reassemble the front axle easily. I am. Open to do this any day and time other than clean up day.
Just need to figure out a little free time, obviously next weekend is out
I know you have just as many projects as I do. I appreciate your help but I don't want to put you out. I was hoping some of the other mechanically inclined members or prospects might have offered up sometime. Text me is you need a hand on anything.