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Full Version: January 6 Meeting/Bowling
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I figured I would start this thread so we would have the information out there.

January 6 @ 1300 (1PM)
location Arctic Night Bowling Center Eielson AFB
Meeting will start @ 1300, short meeting then bowling for the trophy.
Base access: if you have a DOD access card you are good to go,
for those that need to be sponsored on base, I need this information NLT 1600 on 5 January  I will come in early Saturday and have everything setup at the gate. all you will have to do is stop into the visitor center show them your drivers license and proof of insurance and they will give you a pass. 

If you have any questions please let me know

Meeting agenda will be posted later
We are planning on being there
We should be there. Will Gina be good to get on with me or will we have to stop for a pass for her?
(14 Dec 17, 06:52 pm)akram Wrote: [ -> ]We should be there. Will Gina be good to get on with me or will we have to stop for a pass for her?

I believe so but I will put her name on the list just in case. Will the girls be joining y’all?

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The girls will be coming. Not sure on Gina yet as her schedule isn't out that far yet.
Eric and I won't be there but can't wait to see who the trophy passes onto Smile
Myself, Natalie, and Zoe... Moody teenage daughter TBD
I'm not sure if I'll be home from work by then. If not, I'll make sure Anita gets the trophy to somebody who will be there.
Not sure we will make this one

A little over a week out. Please let me know who needs access to Eielson.
Found out yesterday I'll be home. Anita and I will be attending and need to be sponsored on base.
Looks like it will just be me. I can't stay for bowling due to a family get together.
I will need sponsored to get on base.
Looks like I might be held up at work Saturday, just to be safe is anyone willing to sponsor those who need it on base?

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I can do it, let me know the process.
(03 Jan 18, 01:07 pm)Wiseguy Wrote: [ -> ]I can do it, let me know the process.

PM sent.

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If you plan on attending Saturday and don't have post access, I need a list of names for all in your group to give to the main gate at Eielson.
Martin, Kasi, Charli, Presli, Alyx Woodrow
Claude & Anita Demoski
Not going to make this one. I’ll have to catch up to ya for dues

Anyone who needs a pass, go to the search pit and tell them you are with Arctic Offroad headed to the Bowling Alley. The search pit is before the main gate. Any issues or question give me a ring 520-255-0037.
We are on the way running late!