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    NWF doubler stolen from my front porch step

    Thread Starter: ak_petey

    North West Fabrication 205/203 Doubler.
    It was delivered (supposedly) on august 28th. at 16:10. I was still at work.

    Last Post By: ak_petey Yesterday, 08:44 pm Go to last post

    Bad Battery

    Thread Starter: ak_petey

    I have a bad battery AGAIN. My 01 dodge just seems to enjoy sucking the life out of them. (sitting for long periods of time, winching, etc.) Right now

    Last Post By: 88XJ Yesterday, 06:11 am Go to last post

    cummins TowPig

    Thread Starter: ak_petey

    Build thread for my towpig. Nothing extremely special will be done to this rig but the parts that wear out will be upgraded and documented here.

    Last Post By: ak_petey 14 Sep 14, 10:27 pm Go to last post

    Team: Arctic Offroad Loves the Tata's

    Thread Starter: 88XJ

    27 Septmber 5km walk

    its a fundraiser for breast cancer and I made a team, would like to raise some money, the goal is $1,000. Come out and

    Last Post By: akcowgirl77 14 Sep 14, 07:17 pm Go to last post
    Peter Gardella

    power steering help

    Thread Starter: Peter Gardella

    So I just installed a 1978 Celica power steering gearbox and a 87 4runner power steering pump in my Sami. I got it all hooked up and fluid throughout

    Last Post By: Peter Gardella 12 Sep 14, 07:39 pm Go to last post

    Anchorage Run, Anyone need anything down or back?

    Thread Starter: boshos

    I bought a new 34' car hauler, heading down with an empty flat bed. let me know if anyone needs anything.


    Last Post By: boshos 12 Sep 14, 01:19 pm Go to last post
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