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    April 11, 2015 update

    ARTICLE I: Club Name:
    The name of this club shall be "Arctic Offroad". (Abbreviated as: AO)

    ARTICLE II: Club Purpose:
    This shall be a non-profit organization for the purpose of social, recreational, and educational activities; to enjoy and protect our natural resources; to enjoy family oriented outdoor activities; and to foster the enjoyment of our four wheel drive vehicles.

    ARTICLE III: Membership:
    Section 1. Applicants for membership must fulfill the following requirements:
    § Any prospective member must be 18 years of age or older.
    §Own or co-own a 4WD vehicle used for trail use.
    §Possess a valid driver’s license.
    §Maintain and carry proof of state minimum insurance. EXCEPTION: Vehicles that are no longer considered street legal and are uninsurable due to modification can be considered exempt from this requirement. The owner of said vehicle must bring his case before the membership at a monthly meeting. The membership will determine at that time by a majority vote wither or not to allow said vehicle to be used on trail rides affiliated with Arctic Offroad. If the membership does allow it, the vehicle will be exempt from carrying insurance on that vehicle from that day forth. Should the vehicle change ownership, exemption does not transfer with ownership. Should the owner make it street legal, (put a legal license plate on it) it would again require insurance and would require another vote prior to being exempted should the owner put it back into a non street legal status. After approval prior to any trail run, trail boss will inform the individuals riding on the trail that there is an uninsured/off-road only vehicle on the run. The owner of said off-road only vehicle assumes financial liability for damages said vehicle incurs or causes. (Agrees to self insure) Arctic Offroad is not responsible for ANY damage to you, your passengers or your vehicle.
    § Anyone wishing to become a prospect shall contact one of the officers. The officers will then ensure that they meet the previous requirements set forth in Article III Section 1. After the determination is made that the requirements are met that person shall attend a regular monthly meeting or a club run in order to become a prospect.
    §Upon becoming a prospect a copy of the by-laws will be given to the individual. At this time the individual will be required to sign the by-laws. Signing the by-laws signifies the prospect understands the “rules” of Arctic Offroad. It is also a testament that the prospect will do his or her best to adhere to the by-laws and subject to dismissal for non compliance. The Secretary will keep this copy with AO documentation until the person is no longer affiliated with AO.
    §Attend two club meetings in a twelve month period that begins after being approved as a prospect. Pilot their vehicle on two sanctioned club runs in the same twelve month period. The prospect may then be nominated for membership at their next meeting after completing these requirements.
    §Prospects shall be nominated for membership by at least two members having been on one or more runs with the prospect.
    §For the purpose of this section, the following definitions shall apply:
    ·Club run – A sanctioned trail run with at least 2 club members in attendance, and has a set trail boss. The qualifying runs must be on 2 (two) separate approved trails and the run shall attempt to complete the traditional end of the trail
    ·Nominated - A nomination will consist of a brief description of the traits observed in the prospective member during outings with them and a recommendation for the prospective member to become a full member of Arctic Offroad.
    §Any prospective member must be 18 years of age or older or be accompanied at all times by a legal guardian.
    Section 2. Prospective members must be approved by 2/3rds of the voting members at the regular meeting
    Section 3. When accepted, the new member has until the next regular meeting to pay any unpaid membership dues in cash.
    Section 4. Members will be required to attend 1 (one) club activity, 2 (two) AO monthly meetings and pilot their vehicle on 2 (two) AO sanctioned trail rides in the 12 month period between membership renewals. AO will allow make-up options for Members, previously in good standing, when they fail to meet Annual Membership requirements. The Member out of compliance must request the exemption by December 31 of year they failed to meet requirements.

    Penalty options:
    1) Make up runs, meetings and events the next year. This requires 100% of current year requirements AND all deficiencies from the out-of-compliance year. In addition, member must host one event during the make up year.
    2) $100 penalty and no make up of missed requirements from the prior year.
    3) $50 make up 50% of the membership deficiencies, while making 100% of current year requirements
    The above options may be evoked once by an active member. Repeat requests by a member who falls out of compliance, will be subject to a general membership vote during the January meeting, where the majority of Members present will decide approval. Failure of a member's request for a second extension, will result in revocation of member status.

    Section 5. Members whose dues are not paid in full shall have no rights and privileges as provided by being a member of this organization. If a members dues are not paid 30 days after renewal date the member shall be removed from the club roster.
    Section 6. Members with extenuating circumstances as determined by the Board of Directors shall be excused from the requirements of Articles III, and IV.
    Section 7. Members who have been removed from the club roster due to not making club requirements as described in Article III Section 4, 5 or 6, or who have quit the club on their own accord and are in good standing wishing to be reinstated in the club shall present themselves to the membership at a monthly meeting expressing their intent to regain membership. Upon approval by 2/3 (two thirds) of the membership present they will be held to the application process of a new member.
    Section 8. There are 4 (four) classifications of membership and voting. Member must be present to vote, except as stated in Article X section 4, no proxy voting is allowed.
    * Family Membership 2 (two) votes, 1 (one) vote each. Both must be present to vote.
    * Individual Membership, 1 (one) vote.
    * Retired Membership, no voting privileges
    *Junior Membership, no voting privileges
    Section 9: If a member is in good standing with AO when said member moves out of the area, then that member's status changes from member to retired member when they leave. Retired members that return to the area are automatically returned to member status upon payment of dues.
    Section 10:Individuals or businesses that wish to pursue vendorship need to request vendor status with the Club Officers. The Club Officers will then make the determination wither or not allowing the individual or business would present any possible complications or legal problems with the Club. This must be made by a majority vote, unless the individual pursuing vendorship is also a Club Officer, then that individual may not vote on the vendorship request. If the Club Officer’s accept the possible vendorship, the individual or business must present themselves at a regular monthly club meeting and express their desire for vendorship. The present members will then take a vote, needing a 2/3’s majority in order for the vendorship to be approved. The approved Vendor will then have their due’s prorated to the end of January of the following year.

    ARTICLE IV: Dues
    Section 1: Dues will be $35 per year for Individual membership and $45 per year for Family membership.
    Section 2: Dues are to include the following: Membership in Arctic Offroad for one year, Group Membership in United Four Wheel Drive Association, and either two small Arctic Offroad oval stickers or one large Arctic Offroad oval sticker.
    Section 3: A membership year will begin the first day of January and end the last day in January. Dues for the following year will be due by the last day of January to the treasurer. Extenuating circumstances will be reviewed by the officers.
    Section 4: Members voted in throughout the year will have their dues prorated to expire in January. At that time a full years dues will be due.
    Section 5: Vendor dues will be $50. Dues are to include a thread designated specifically for the vendor to conduct business.

    ARTICLE V: Code of Conduct and Trip Rules

    Section 1. All members must conduct themselves in a respectable and orderly manner. Any member disgracing the club will be subject to dismissal. Formal charges, in writing, may be brought against such a member, and the general membership will be advised of the reason for dismissal. A 2/3's (two-thirds) vote from the members present at a regular or special meeting, will sustain dismissal. If a special meeting is called for this purpose, members will be advised at least 1 (one) weeks in advance. Any member with formal charges brought against them may not participate in any sanctioned club run or activity unless the charges have been addressed and dismissed.
    Section 2. Members will be responsible for their guests, and families.
    Section 3. All decals and insignias referring to membership in 'Arctic Offroad' are the sole property of said club. Any member who disposes of or sells a vehicle to an individual that is not an Arctic Offroad member and leaves ‘Arctic Offroad’ decals or insignias on it is subject to temporary dismissal until decals have been recovered.
    Section 4. A dismissed member will be required to remove any and all decals and insignias referring to membership in 'Arctic Offroad' and return them to the Board of Directors.
    Section 5. Trip rules will be adhered to at all times:
    §Don't throw away litter or bury trash.
    §Use extreme care with cigarettes and matches.
    §No motorcycles/ATV`s allowed in immediate camp area.
    §Prevent fires by using ashtrays and maintaining your vehicles’ exhaust system.
    §Drinking of alcoholic beverages while driving on or off road will not be condoned. As well as driving for any distance after such drinking has begun.
    §Pets must be controlled by their owners at all times.
    §When traveling in a caravan, day or night, turn on your headlights to make it easier for the vehicle ahead to see you.
    §Always keep the vehicle both ahead and behind in sight. If the vehicle behind you stops, stop and assist him/her, except on a freeway, then proceed to the next off ramp and let the Tail Gunner stop and assist.
    §Don't drive over plants or soft meadows or anywhere damage to the terrain may occur. Remember the property we use usually belongs to someone else. In other words TREAD LIGHTLY!
    §The Trail Boss is in charge of the run. Cooperate with him/her and obey their orders. The Trail Boss has the ultimate authority on all runs, and will report attendance to the Secretary for record keeping.
    §The trail boss and Tail Gunner will remain in constant radio contact. If, at any time, this terminates, the Trail Boss will take necessary action to reinstate contact and dissolve any issues that have arose.
    §If you must leave the caravan for any reason, notify the Trail Boss immediately.
    §Outdoor restroom stops will be handled with common sense, "Men to the Left, and Women to the Right", unless otherwise instructed by the Trail boss.
    §Profane language should be limited and used with discretion.

    ARTICLE VI: Vehicle Equipment:
    Section 1. The following equipment is required for all vehicles on all runs. It is the Trail Boss’ job to spot check vehicles prior to the start of the run.
    §Headlights or equivalent on non-street legal rigs.
    §Tail Light/Brake light.
    §Spare Tire of appropriate size, Jack, and Lug Wrench; or means to repair flats, sidewall gashes, or broken beads.
    §State minimum Insurance. See Article III section 1.
    §Fire Extinguisher.
    §Provide rollover protection for occupants of the vehicle.
    §First Aid Kit.
    §Tow Rope or Winch
    §Safety Belts, one for each person traveling in the vehicle.
    §Tow Hook or Strap Attachment Point (front and rear)
    § CB radios are mandatory trail communication equipment for members. CB radios are strongly encouraged for prospects. FRS communication can be substituted for CBs if approved by the trail boss during ONLINE run planning. If the trail run is to use FRS communications, the Trail Boss and Tail Gunner must have both a CB and an FRS to allow communications with all participating individuals.
    §Functioning Parking brake
    §Secured battery
    Section 2. Recommended
    §Shovel with at least a 5" x 7" blade and 12" handle.
    §Axe, Saw, or Hatchet.
    §Highway Flares.
    §One Gallon Bucket.
    §Pair of hip or chest waders.
    §Pair of leather heavy work gloves.
    §Spare batteries or a means of charging portable radios.
    §Specialty Sockets, Screwdrivers, Wrenches, and other tools or parts that might be needed during common or even obscure breakdowns.

    ARTICLE VII: Officers and their duties
    Section 1. President
    §Shall exercise general supervision of the club.
    §Shall conduct membership and Board of Directors Meetings.
    §Appoint all committees and the committees are responsible to the President.
    §Other work as required.
    Section 2. Vice-President
    §Shall organize and promote all club events.
    §Act as President in the absence of the President.
    §Other work as required.
    Section 3. Treasurer
    §Handles all club finances, using a financial ledger.
    §Notifies members if dues payments are past due.
    §Other work as required.
    Section 4. Secretary
    §Handles club correspondence.
    §Shall maintain meeting composure and parliamentary procedure during meetings
    §Petitions for and records all club votes
    §Records club attendance records.
    §Shall except and record all membership applications, and keep Membership roster up to date. Roster to include members mailing addresses, phone numbers (cells and home if applicable), email addresses, and dues payments.
    §Maintain a list of emergency contacts.
    §Maintain a folder where a copy of the by-laws signed by members can be kept.
    §Other work as required.
    Section 5. Equipment Manager
    §Stores all club properties and logs its location and condition.
    §Other work as required.
    Section 6. The Board of Directors shall appoint the Public Relations and Webmaster position on an annual basis. Forum Administrators and other appointed positions shall be created by the Board of Directors when necessary (as determined by the Board), such as Coordinators for large club events.
    Section 7. In the event of a vacancy in a club office, the vacancy will be filled by appointed and a majority vote by the Board of Directors. Exception, the Vice President shall replace the President.
    Section 8. Vehicle Inspections will be performed by the Trail Boss on first time vehicles and periodically on membership vehicles to ensure that all required equipment is on board and functioning properly. Any vehicle found lacking any of the required equipment from Article VI Section 1 may be refused participation in any club run until such items are acquired or repaired. If an individual disagrees with the ruling of the Trail Boss inspecting his vehicle, he may bring up his concerns directly to the Board of Directors. If brought before the BOD, the BOD members will hear both sides and vote to allow the rig to be run in it’s current status on a later run or to uphold the decision made by the Trail Boss. A majority vote is required to overturn the Trail Boss and a 50/50 vote upholds the Trail Boss’s decision. If the Trail Boss is a member on the Board of Directors, he or she may not vote on the decision due to conflict of interest.

    ARTICLE VIII: Board of Directors
    The Board of Directors shall consist of the officers of the club. They shall handle all club business, and will serve at the mercy of the membership. No member of the Board of Directors may serve in a BOD position of a like competing organization. Members wishing to pursue candidacy for a BOD position, will first have to resign their BOD status with the other club which they are a BOD member prior to announcing candidacy with Arctic Offroad.

    ARTICLE IX: Meetings
    Section 1. Meetings will be held monthly, and will be held on a specified date and time determined from the previous meeting. If a date and time were not set at the meeting, the Board of Directiors shall use the Forum (www.arcticoffroad.com) or phone number list to contact members and set up a date and time for the next monthly meeting.
    Section 2. Board of Directors meetings will be called at the request of the President or other Officers.
    Section 3. Under extraordinary circumstances, a ‘Special Meeting’ of the membership may be called by the President. A minimum of 1(one) week notice must be given.

    ARTICLE X: Elections
    Section 1: Nominations for the positions of President, Secretary, and Equipment Manager will be presented at the November meeting. One wishing to run for a position may present them self or be nominated by a member. These positions will be voted on at the December meeting. Nominees need not be present to be nominated or voted on. Nominees must accept nomination within 1 week of the meeting either in person at the meeting, or at the online forum www.arcticoffroad.com.
    Section2: Nominations for the positions of Treasurer and Vice President will be presented at the May meeting. One wishing to run for a position may present them self or be nominated by a member. These positions will be voted on at the June meeting. Nominees need not be present to be nominated or voted on. Nominees must accept nomination within 1 week of the meeting either in person at the meeting, or at the online forum www.arcticoffroad.com.
    Section 3: New Officers will take over at the 1st of the month following the elections.
    Section 4: Current Members, for good cause (as determined by the officers) may issue proxy votes for Officer Elections.

    ARTICLE XI: Recall

    Officer recalls will be initiated in writing and presented at a club meeting. A special meeting may be convened for this purpose. A 2/3 vote by present members is required to recall any officer.

    ARTICLE XII: By-Law Changes
    Section 1. By-Law change proposals must be submitted to an officer via PM, e-mail, or in a dedicated thread on the forum.
    Section 2. The proposed changes will be posted in a dedicated thread in the Member’s Only section for review.
    Section 3. By-Law changes will be presented to the membership at the next club meeting.
    Section 4. By-Laws can be changed by a 2/3's (two-thirds) vote of all members present at a meeting.
    Section 5. By-Law changes become effective immediately following approval by the membership.

    ARTICLE XIII: Club Funds

    In the event of disbandment of the ‘Arctic Offroad all Club money’s shall be donated to a local charity. Equipment shall go up for auction, starting at a minimum of 25% of new cost. All moneys collected will also go to a local charity. At the time of disbandment, a vote will be taken on which charity we will use.

    Drive at your own risk. Arctic Offroad is not responsible for ANY damage to you, your passengers or your vehicle. In the event you need to be extracted from a trail, Club members are responsible for their own vehicle and properties. In the event that you receive damage to your vehicle while on a Club trip, you are solely responsible for that damage. Two-party accident: The two-parties involved will handle vehicle-to-vehicle damage. Remember that even full coverage insurance will normally not cover vehicle damage that is incurred when driving your vehicle off-road and on trails like we normally do. If your vehicle is damaged because someone was trying to help you through an obstacle or recover you from being stuck, you are still the driver and responsible for what happens to it, not the person trying to help you.

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