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2017 End of the Year Run
Mel And myself made this run.

I waited at the Sourdough Station for a few minutes past 9am, for any last minute runners.

I met up with Mel at the Peede rd trail head, we talked until we got more day light around 10 am, then set off.  the trail conditions were hard packed due to the snow machines and dog sleds. the trees were curled over and made it a tight fit for full size rigs.  I had to remove my plow beacon for fear of breaking or loosing it. 

After the fire pit clearing the trail got narrow and low handing tree helped scrape off all the snow left on top of the rigs.  we made it to the river and stepped out on the Ice and took a few pictures of the rigs.  We talked about making this an annual run and talked about how we have had this same conversation before last year.  I guess we will see next New Years.  We followed the trail as it  looped bck around and Mel went first up a small hill that led back to the trail, as he came down he did not notice the low hanging tree limb on the other side which decided the Mel's Dodge looked better without a grill.  After Mel picked up the pieces and lovingly threw them into the bed of his truck. I attempted the small hill with some wheel spin and clawed my way up and over and made the tight turn behind Mel. 

Back on the trail heading back, we came to a clearing that Mel turned off to explore, not much was found but clumps of frozen grass and snow.  We decided it would be a good place to stage the rigs for pictures.  At this point Mel retrieve the broken grill and I mocked it place on my Chevy, the color clashed with the body lines.  walking around I found some "deep snow" and Mel took a picture.  Back in the rigs we headed out and back to the trail head stopping to get a few picture of the rigs and low trees.  We got to the low spot with the buried car and took some action shots of the clime out of the hole.  We stopped and chatted up a bit before rolling on tho the trail head again.  Once at the trail head Mel got a few pictures on the old K5 flexing over the frozen dirt mounds, then I positioned myself for the "poser" shot on the dirt bank, them Mel took his turn.  After some chit chat it was time to get back to the world of responsibilities and we headed home. 

It was a good run, nothing too hard, just a nice run in the snow.  Have a Great 2018 and I hope everyone get a chance to get out in the dirt and trees for some more awesome AO adventures this year.

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