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The Welcome, Rules and Guide to the AO Universe

Arctic Offroad (AO) is a family oriented group of offroad wheelers who wrench and wheel together. As when many people come together in one group, there are rules in place to make it enjoyable for all those that visit.

Some Rules of Thumb
- act like an adult
- argue on PM's only
- less gossip, more tech write ups and trail rides
- personal attack equals delete
- non Tread Lightly matter equals delete
- sexually explicit matter equals delete
- baiting discussion equals delete
- Admin has the right to view anything that happens on this forum

Forum Permissions
This forum is primarily for two uses: Day-to-Day use by its members and as a tool to allow prospective members or others with the same interests to evaluate our club to determine whether they would like to become a part of it. It is not designed to generate money from sponsors; the funds to maintain this site come from its members and as such, it is geared to be extremely member friendly. Those who are not members will only have minimal posting ability until they choose to show their face (and rig) and become an active part of AO. Remember that AO is not a website, but a group of individuals with common interests and goals. The site is only a tool to help us connect and meet those goals. DRAMA will not be tolerated and the instigating user will be banned.

Membership Process
Once you register and become a registered user Registered User,  which can be done here, you can see most of the forums available to the members. We, of course, keep some private to deal with club business, set-up and discuss members-only trail rides and the like. Posting is limited to the land-use forum, classifieds and newbie threads. Don’t abuse these forums or you will lose your posting abilities.

As soon as you decide you would like to become part of AO, you can simply attend one of the meetings check for meeting schedules here to become a Prospect. You can also contact one of the officers via PM and see about coming out on a trail ride. If you present yourself in a friendly, safety-conscious way, you will be given prospect status. You will then have posting privileges in the same forums as the Registered User. Conduct yourself as listed above in the general rules.

After you have driven your rig on two AO trail rides and have attended two meetings, you can be nominated for member status. Two-thirds majority rules here, so it’s best to show an interest in helping others, trail riding responsibly and using the forum appropriately. Once you are voted in as a Member, you will have viewing and posting access to the member’s only forums including the member's rides forum. To maintain membership status, you will need to run your rig on 2 AO trail rides, attend 2 AO monthly meetings and participate in 1 club activity during the calendar year.

Have special circumstances? PM an officer.

The bylaws were written and voted upon by the AO members. It is the “rulebook” that we use to guide how the club operates. It is used with common sense and the officers and administrators have a bit of latitude in handling problems that come up. Please review the bylaws, as you will be held to them, both on the trail and at any AO function. AO By-Laws are attached to this post.

If you have any questions, you can PM any of the club officers. They will ensure that your questions get answered by the appropriate party. Feel free to look around, and please get a feel for our website. If what you see and how we interact is compatible with your wheeling style, follow the instructions below to get started.

Newbie Check-In Thread
Last but not least, click here to go to the Newbie introduction page. Post up and tell us who you are, what you drive and a little about yourself.
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