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Wrench or Wheel this weekend
We need to get Mark's burb running (axle work)

Hopefully I will have an axle to redo gears on for rent-a-rig

I also need to button up a few things on skitzo.
I might be down for a Sat morning run. I am going to try to get my tailights working on the project truck to wheel both vehicles. Maybe somewhere senic I will be bringingmy parents with
Anybody feel like helping me change ball joints tomorrow evening? I will have Kevin's press so it should go rather quickly, hopefully will have the compressor working for shop air as well.

Shouldn't take too long, but another set of hands would be appreciated, could hold off until Friday or even Saturday as well, just getting sick of death wobbling all the way to work and back every day.
This Sunday at 3 PM there will be mud boggs at the Salcha Fairgrounds.

If you need more info call REN at five90one7eight2

Registration will be 10AM to 1:30 PM
$30 charge gets you a driver and an extra pit-pass.
Speaking of mud. My tires rub. I wanna chop out some room, probably Saturday. I'm heading down to ford with it to rebalance the tires(I know it won't be perfect) if nobody offers to help I'll probably just do what I can right there. Let me know if you want to help
illll be patroling the streets of mosul, then changing i think 2 tires and a air line on the stryker. thats what i get for opening my mouth and saying im good with tools........
I am going to doing a SOA on the zuk and maybe swap out the trans anyone what to come by?
Man, I'd be there If I could Shane!!!

You know where the Zuk is if you need some parts, use the plates and shackles I made for the rear spring up front if you want.

See ya soon!!!
zukman1993 Wrote:I am going to doing a SOA on the zuk and maybe swap out the trans anyone what to come by?

I might be able to lend a hand, with kiddos in toe.
I am going to start about 08:00 so i can get to the show and shine later. I think need to grab the front brake lines and the zero offset's from mike's zuk. I will stop by there Thursday and get them.
Anyone wheeling or working on their rig this weekend?
Another trip to Wasilla for me - speaking at a family camp weekend.

However, the camp road can almost count as a trail ride! Misc boulders and mud pits... if it has rained there recently.
Anyone doing anything this weekend!
Looking for something...
putting a lift on a rubicon s+arting tonight.
Any thing going on this weekend? Builds or maybe some trail clearing?
Dunno but I wouldn't mind getting out on the trail and seeing how the lack of front fender flares works.
I have a too much garage work to do to be out playing

Shane you coul dbring those axles over if you're bored Rolleyes and install them... Big Grin

I have to finish up putting the front axle under Justin's rig
Measure for driveshafts and steering linkage
Connect and bleed brakes - and move it out of the "driveway" to the garage
Then wait on more parts (ARB install wiring and airl lines, drive shafts, steering links, etc...)

Have 2 lockers to install on other rigs

Have axles to replace on another

Have a t-case to rebuild and then swap out on the family Burb

I could list more, but...
I will bring the axles out, tomorrow.
I'll be over to lend a hand on Saturday Kev as we spoke about.
Demo Derby sat and working in the shop till I drop for the next 30 years
zukman1993 Wrote:I will bring the axles out, tomorrow.

Sweeto - but you forgot to post that you'd also install them.... :whistle:
I can install them on the hood!! Big Grin



I'm feeding my hangover and "forward deploying" from Osan.

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