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Wrench or Wheel this weekend
Hey Kev, maybe we could cut the back of the cab off the brown 3+3 tomorrow afternoon, if I'm feeling better that is.
I would feel pretty good chopping it up Big Grin

And who needs line to cut by Sad go free hand :whistle:
I've started pullng apart my parts bronco... Some bolts are stuck, some stuff is heavy, some tools are lacking... Does anyone have some time tomorrow to lend a hand pullin stuff off? I'll need a grinder and punches to get rivers and stuck bolts out, and if anyone has a pickup that we could do a little dump run in that would be awesome the back is full of random junk like someone used it for storage
Running into snags, like 26 year old bolts that won't break free, and I don't have a grinder or a torch... Anybody out there have something and feel like helping?
907-957-2185 if anyone is free
Sorry Dave. Got quite a bit accomplished here though!

If you need to borrow a grinder let me know.
I bought a cheap one that worked for a couple things. I'm trying it on rivets today if it doesn't work and I need a beefier one I'll try to get ahold of you
You guys missed a awesome Demo Derby, 3 roll overs, I was one. I ended up with 3rd out of 18. would have done a little better if I hadn't lost reverse, steering had not locked up and the throddle wouldn't have stuck full bore right into the wall. Ah good times.
Who's Building, who's wheeling this week end?
I'll be frantically working on getting all the things on the house finished that I have been putting off for years. Played way too much last weekend, trying to play catch up after work is a slow process.
I have a 99 Suburban that I'm replacing the intake manifold on in the garage on Friday, also going to try to reseal my trans/t-case on the Burb.

Supposedly working on vehicles at Kev's Saturday afternoon, might swap my front axle on the Burb as well.

I also have a PS pump to swap out on the Burb and maybe a few brakes to bleed.
I'm rebuilding the front end on my super duty, Ball Joints, tierod ends shocks. Headlight in my landcruiser.
Working on the new project and recentering the H1's.
I'll be moving trucks and working in the garage the next several hours. If anyone is looking for something to do or just wants to shoot the sh*%, give me a call or stop by.
Done. Thanks Ole, I appreciate the input.
This weekend wheeling or working on rigs?
Working, lots of working
working on my two chevy diesels
waiting on a return message to decide between a bbq/bonfire/goodbye and wrenching on the dodge or a possible new trail trail ride.

If I have the bbq it'll be someones last. I'll also be changing a hub assembly on the dodge and the front axle shaft u-joints (if I can use a certain someone's press). Need to find a socket for the hub retaining nut. around 42mm i believe. but I'm going to pull out the calipers to be sure.
Press is available anytime except Saturday evening. I'm being shooed away for a hen party.

If my package arrives as promissed, I'll be mounting Swampers on H1 rims and installing on the new rig. Also need to swap front axles and install lift springs. If I'm lucky, I'll have it running before then.
I was hoping to try to get started on your front axel on Thursday around 5 or so.
Packing and wishing I was in the shop.
JeepMadness1979 Wrote:I was hoping to try to get started on your front axel on Thursday around 5 or so.
I may still have a job in the garage Thusrday night. Just got the "Go" last night.
If not, we can do it. Have to beat this weather.
Who's working on their rig this weekend? I was going to say junk but jeep owners get grumpy over thatBig Grin
I'm hoping to swap the Hydrobooster/master cylinder and pedal brackets on the SAV.

Gotta clean the garage as well. Found your old shocks the other day Shane.
We may be doing an engine swap in Ryan's Bronco at my place. If it doesn't happen I'll be building my rear winch bumper.

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