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Quck stats
Some stats for the site from 01 November to 15 November.

Unique visitors 7,010

Number of visitors 13,670 (1.95visits/visitor)

Hits 169,657 (12.41 Hits/visit)

Bandwidth 3.57GB (273.93 KB/visit)

The most hits have been on Thursdays

The top country for pages visited, hits and bandwidth is the USA with France being second

The majority of visits (9,370) only last between 0-30 seconds

We are linked to from more russian websites than any other country

The number one operating system accessing our site is Windows (124,335), then Linux (28,775), then MAc (14,736), mobile devices make up most of the rest.

The number one keyphrase search on our site is bronco 2, found that one interesting.

The number one word searched for is bronco.

We have had three new users register this month, one of which has been banned and deleted more than once.

We have only had two, now three new threads started.

Our most replied to and most viewed thread continues to be I spy.

November 8 seen the most posts in one day this month, 24 posts.
Neat facts
Some more stats for you
90% of the links directing people to AO are from Russian websites.
85.9% of visits to our site last between 0s-30s
Number one country with visits here is the US with China nipping at the heals. Surpringly Russia was only 6th.
March was the number one month in 2014 for visits on the page at 58,023. March also had the most unique visitors at 20,870
December had the lowest visits for 2014 at 27,899
The number one operating system visiting the site is still Windows and Mac has taken second
The number one browser is Google Chrome with Safari second.
We had 884 hits in Dec 2014 from Google.
Most of these stats are for June unless otherwise stated.

The number one search phrase on our site for June is "towing capacity of 1988 suzuki samurai"

The number one connection from a search engine is Google

The number one link from external site other than a search engine is liveinternet, a Russian Site.

Google chrome is the most used browser to access our site.

The USA is still the number one country for visits here with the Phillipines in a far distant second.

Monday sees more hits to our site than any other day of the week by about 900 hits.

Between 2300-0100 is when our site is visted the most.

84.7% of the visits to our site only last 0s-30s.

The number one month for visits this year is Jan so far with a steady decline each month.
Found this stat for our website a little interesting.

[Image: attachment.php?attachmentid=1406&stc=1]

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