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Registered for a while but have not introduced myself
Hi, I figured I should post up here since I don't think I have yet. I am a member of another off-roading club in Fairbanks, although initial recruitment was merely by chance. I have been looking at your website for a while now, and I must say that I admire the overall aspect of both the site and the participation of the members. I like how your group is firmly rooted in and dedicated to quality off-roading and cooperation. While I feel I should remain true to my commitments within my own club, I would like to have a personal and friendly relationship toward all of you.
I drive an 06 TJ/LJ Rubicon with 4" lift and a smattering of body armor add-ons. Currently on Blizzaks because I am a chicken on icy highways, I am looking forward to swapping into some radial IROKs I recently bought, as soon as the ice clears.
Maybe one of these days if you would be so inclined to allow me, I would like to go on a ride with you guys.
Welcome to the site. Come on out to a meeting sometime. Check the meeting section for info on the next meeting. I'm sure we will see you out on a trail sometime.
Welcome to the site. Did you get those Iroks yesterday? Come on out and say hi in person, you are welcome to come on a ride, only a few special rides are members only.
I am all in for new people coming out to wheel with us even if they are associated with other clubs.
Welcome to the forum. Can you post some pics of your rig in action? Please explore the site and check out when the next gathering is.
We take converts with cameras :rockon:

Seems like I tried to convert you before!

Come out for a can do that wihout being a member.
Thanks for all the responses. Actually, yes, I did get the IROKs on Wednesday, from a guy out in North Pole. They are 315/70R17 radial ND, set of 5 with 3,000 miles on the four, the spare is still new. I don't think they ever did any serious offroading if any at all, cause there's no scuffing on the sidewalls, or scratches, etc on the lugs. I am really looking forward to trying them out, but I need to find some rims hopefully less expensive than new to put them on. The blizzaks I have on now do surprisingly well in certain snow conditions, but are on the small side at 265/70R17 and are obviously non-aggressive. I'm thinking chains might change that a bit, but have not picked any up yet.

The request for my photos of my rig in action made me realize I don't really have any shots except for when I got out and took a picture of it parked. Guess that's the price of being the only actual action shooter in the bunch.
we can fix that this problem of yours if you come out wheeling sunday Big Grin
The iroks do surprisingly WELL on ice than your normal mud tire. They are soft rubber though and wear quickly. I would drive my Dodge around MUCH more than I currently do if they didnt burn down so quick with daily driving!
Thanks, i would like to have some offroad action shots of me driving my rig. i have other commitments today, but will try to stay active on this site and make it on a run sometime in the future.

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