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Jake's Run 2016
Gallery is up and ready for pictures. I started to upload some and my internet went out. So I'll try again later. Also trying to through a little video of the slough crossing together.

Those in attendance
Randy w/ Donald riding along
Eric F.
Ole w/ Mel riding along
Mark- White TJ has been out a couple times before.

We met up at Sourdough in NP and it is worth noting that somehow Marty was the first one there. Grabbed some food and had a little BS'ing. Brandon dropped off the banner and once everyone was there we rolled out. The tirp down was uneventful thankfully. Once at the trail head Ole and Marty unloaded and off we went. It was pretty apparent right away the trail wasn't going to present any huge challenges. The snow level was really low and there was dirt to dig down to. Headed out the trail and had to stop and reorganize the order then off we went. No issues all the way to the play hill.

Once there a little playing around commenced as usual. For those that know about the top of the play hill you know to stay a little right once up there. Ole usually decides to take the cut down to the left. I'm sure the rear passenger tire was never on the ground the entire time. It was pretty amazing riding with him as he navigated through there. Everyone else tooled up the hill and turned around to head back down. I believe Mark however almost found the big cut the hard way. We started getting everyone lined up on the play hill for the obligatory group shot. We had the banner out and I brought our flag that was flown in Iraq and dedicated to us. After some picture taking on we went.

The normal "hard" spots in the winter just weren't hard at all. The lack of snow allowed us to motor on in record time to the top view point with the bench. Since it was so nice and clear we stopped to take another group shot there then on up the trail. We motored past the tower and the lower loop trail and made a B-line for the pipeline. It's a fairly long slow ride down in the valley. Stopped a couple time for pee breaks but other than that we just cruised along without issue. Ran into a trapper out there, I believe Doc talked with him a little. Once in the bottom we got to the slough crossing that gave us so much trouble last time.

The slough crossing has changed for sure. Last trip down there it was very narrow but deep with thin ice. We spent quite a bit of time getting just two rig through there. This year it was wide and froze solid. The lack of snow and insulation let it freeze and made it fairly easy. Doc went through first with ease. Randy came next and got hung up on the front ledge and the rear receiver was resting on the back ledge. A quick winch and he was out though. Time to get that locker in. Next up was Mark in his TJ with a pretty nice looking long arm set up. He dropped in and met the same fate. Another quick winch and he was out. Ole come through next without any real excitement. His wheelbase, lockers and tires made it look easy. Then came time for excitement. Marty was next. Right before he started in Donald made a comment about how the VB didn't matter because the AT's weren't making it through. I've never known Marty to exactly be easy on the throttle and this wasn't an exception. He dropped in then throttled out with a little bouncing around. His front spring hanger even held up. Then we had Mikey in the Taco with the crazy front suspension. Maybe just not enough throttle as he met his fate and stopped. Again a quick winch and he was out. Eric come next and took his own line in not worrying about Val's side of the jeep. He made it out pretty easily with a little tire spin and some action. Although Val's side took a little damage as the front flare is now loose. Time for tube fenders.

Once every was past the slough it was just a long, slow and very bumpy ride to the pipeline. There were a couple frozen overflow spots that help remind you of why we have only attempted this in the winter. Summer would be pretty impassable. After many bumps later we reached the pipeline. After some vehicle maneuvering most got under it for a pic. Ole however was a little too tall for the area we came up to. At this point we had no heat in Ole's truck. Realized he had lost a lot of coolant through the day. Added some and realized the radiator cap wasn't sealing. A little banging it on the truck fixed that and we had heat. Then a long slow bumpy ride back to the slough.

Pretty much the same results going back through with the exception that Marty got added to the winch list. This was only after he used those AT's to polish that ice slicker than an ice rink, as I'd find out here in just a bit. After he made it out and before Eric went in I noticed some logs in there so I stepped down and got them out. I was doing a little searching to be sure there wasn't anything else that was going to damage a rig. It was this point my body did something it shouldn't have. I did a split and hit the ground. Of course Doc was there to my rescue in a flash, well he was there to grab pics real quick anyways. After that recovery Eric came on through.

The ride out from the bottom can be a long one, which it was. Once at the top there was talk of the lower loop. Ole, Doc, Eric and Mark decided to do it. Mikey, Randy and Marty headed on out. The lower loop is nothing like it used to be. It's brushed in pretty good. It has some steep sections and it's all overgrown. We had to stop several times to move or cut fallen trees on the way down. Once in the bottom Ole headed up bouncing all over not sure how traction was going to be. Turned out it wasn't bad at all. Doc came up with no issue. Mark had a leaking valve stem but it seemed to have stopped so up he came. He didn't have the success as others. Let the winching begin. Had to winch then re-position the winch point. Once he was up then Eric came on up. This is the first real challenge point of the lower loop as it is steep and there is a nice big rock in the middle of it. There are a few more tough spots.

The going wasn't bad but again the trail is insanely overgrown. More trees had to be removed in spots. Then at the dogleg left turn Mark got hung up and kept going sideways. Got Doc backed up and out of the way. Ole then backed down to Mark which was no easy feat. Minimal lighting and the trail overgrown to the point you can't see dirt didn't make that easy. Ended up having Mark winch up around the turn then Ole strapped up and off we went. Got to a good spot and unhooked. Made it quite a ways having to stop and move more trees along the way. Mark took one to his roof rack and it got the highlift and tweeked his rear bumper and mount. At one point he needed one more pull and we just went most the way up from there. Once up top we laughed for some reason about how bad the loop has gotten then moved on. The ride out and home was uneventful and all made it safe.

Thanks to everyone that came out. This is a special ride to me and most of us. We once again pushed harder and made it to different areas or areas not many had been. This was only the second time we have ever made it to the pipeline. Maybe we will go a different route next year.
Thanks for doing the write-up Mel��
Great write up! Very enjoyable run. I learn something each trip, found out what that rope thingy on my front bumper is for. Locker is in the mail, I swear.
Internet at work is still screwed. Managed to throw this little video of the slough together. Took almost 5 hrs to upload it to youtube. I didn't get many pics but will upload some at some point soon.

Tried different editing. A less involved program. I'll work on more at some point. But have to start trying to figure a couple long viedoes to cover the year. Upload your pics if you got them.
Love it
Last one probably.

Yay!! Marty went on a run! 😉

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That Creek on the way to the pipeline is deep under the ice. it was more of a challenge in 2012.

[Image: 100_3740.jpg]
[Image: 116_725121.jpg]

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