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Anniversary Celebration
Who wants to do something great for our 15 year anniversary? Yeah that's right we have been around for 15 years (on paper it's in June but started before that), the longest running club in the Interior of Alaska. Figure this is a special one. We have endured a lot over the years and always came out on top. We remain the most active wheeling club.

So what do we want to do? Hoping I have at least one rig going this year most of the time and wouldn't mind a big celebration out on the trail, we are an offroad club after all. Post up your thoughts and ideas. We have a little while to plan.
My 1st thought is

55 mile weekend with Chena Hotsprings day trip.
Does anyone know what the first trail run was? Official Club status run?

Looking back through the oldest pictures only shows on the Post/Base "runs" to gravel pits.
Mike would probably have the answer. I know 55 mile and fairbanks creek were big early trails.
We came together as a group because we all loved wheeling behind Eielson & got tired of getting stuck. Manchu was a favorite, but I'd say our first official run off base was Fairbanks Creek.

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