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St. Baldrick's
This year I am participating in the head shaving event for childhood cancer research. On Mar 18th I'll be getting my head shaved. If anyone wants to join me they are welcome and I definitely will appreciate any and all donations as I'm sure all the children would as well. Right now I have one team mate.

Here is the link to my page.

Here is the link to our team page

If you can't donate and don't wish to join I understand but I ask that you please share our team page at least so we can reach as many people as possible.
New deal going on. If I reach my goal of $200 even the facial hair gets shaved off. Been at least 11 years since I've had a bare face. If you can't donate I understand. Please share the page and help us raise some money. Thanks.
I've met my goal so my hair and all facial hair will be shaved off. A little nervous but it's for a great cause. Thanks to anyone that has no donated. Please help me out by sharing the link.

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