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Dragging the diesel.
I need some help moving the diesel. I only need to drag it backwards about 15 feet or so. It doesn't have reverse now. Not sure it will go in neutral either. But it will go in drive so with the engine off should roll. I've dug the snow from behind it and a good bit from around it. Will dig dome more though. Late Friday evening or sometime Sunday would best. Figure it's going to take more than a little truck as its also loaded down with snow. If you can help let me know.

You should call the fairbanks come pull me out group Big Grin
I could help out after 6 tomorrow
ak_petey Wrote:You should call the fairbanks come pull me out group Big Grin
That's too funny. I thought about that as I was typing this.

Tomorrow after 6 should work.
Sounds good!
Can't do it tonight. Dad responsibilities. If anyone can help Sunday or another evening next week let me know.
I'm available this weekend. Give me a cal.
It has been moved. Thanks Eric for coming out. Now to get snow clearing and cutting wood for next winter.

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