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April 2017 Meeting
Going off the March meeting minutes looks like it is 8 April at Brandon and Gianna's house. Meeting set to start at 3pm

Meeting is for members and family, prospects, and anyone interested in our club or our sport. Come check us out.


Intros as needed
Past rides
Past events
AO Birthday Party
Upcoming rides and events- Clean up is just around the corner
Officer nominations coming up at the May meeting. Vice President and Treasurer. I really encourage someone that wants to do the job put their own name in the hat. Mel will not be running for Treasurer or any officer position for a while.
Website issues
Club Trademark update
Any other issues, tidbits and what nots
Set May meeting- Usually clean up day but this year that is scheduled for 29 April 2017
Do we have a time yet?
I am thinking 3 PM. the build party will start at 9 AM for those who want to help out.

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