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Clean Up Day 2017
Those in attendance for the trail ride.

Eric S and family
Eric F and Val
Brian and Sierra with Randy riding along
Petey and Amanda with a ride along
Adriana and Jeff
Mel and Gina
Chis Osako

What a great and interesting day it was. We left from the meeting with some meeting at Fox gas station. Then headed on up to Fairbanks Creek parking area. Moved some gear around, got rigs unloaded and lined up to head out. The road is a muddy mess as usual this time of year. Brian led the way out initially and we turned onto the historical trail. Immediately there was snow and this wouldn't change for the entire day. The snow was wet, heavy but it packed down. Seemed pretty easy going for a while, This however would change.

Once Brian got tired of beating the TJ up and running it hot Eric with Big momma got out in front with Ole in Big Boy behind him. They seemed to be doing well out front but the 3 jeeps behind them were not easing through it as well. They were churning up the snow and needing a tug in one direction or the other fairly often. At one point we were driving 100 ft then sitting for 20 minutes as the trail breakers made their way through. Once I rode over the snow then Ryan it became fairly easy then Petey came behind him and just flattened it all out making it a road for everyone behind him.

I got stuck trying to pack down some snow to pull George out and Ryan got me winched out with the use of a snatch block. Did I mention this snow was wet? Well that meant it packed and not just under our tires but in the frame and everywhere else. At one point we made statements about getting Ryan and Petey towards the front to pack it down more so the Jeeps weren't having to work so hard. We hit a point there would be room to move vehicles over to make this happen. There was a downhill section that was easy leading up to this.

Once on the flat the goal was to crawl on top of the snow in hopes it would stay a little easy for people. Brian adamantly insisted I did this. My truck doesn't have the gearing to crawl so I took another approach and rode the throttle. Ryan was behind me and well he took close to the same approach but with even more throttle. That thing sounds mean and it was an awesome show. Petey hit it hard but don't think he really needed to. We had him do some back and forth to pack it down for those Toyotas.

Chris came through and hit the one hump that was going to give everyone some sort of issue. A quick tug and he was free. Adriana did the same thing and she was ever so happy to have Brian pull her out. Next up Brandon came barreling through and pretty sure he caught a little air at the spot. But then he pushed snow and got buried. This turned into quite the recovery. Single line pull was a no go. Pull with a snatch block pulled two jeeps. Then Brian and Eric F. hooked up both their winches and they both proceeded to move towards Brandon. We dug a little, didn't help. We came up with plan to lift up with Hilift jacks then start to winch to get him out of the heavy packed snow. This didn't end up well. The bolts holding his bumper and tow hooks on ripped straight through the frame. Bent the front bumper up but luckily the winch didn't go into his radiator. A rig up with a chain by Brandon and some more digging of snow along with two winches pulling he finally came out. We could've fixed the frame, possibly, had only someone brought that new ready welder they won (George).

While all this was going on Eric S. had kept pushing forward with Ole coming in behind him. We weren't there first hand to see it all but from a distance you could see the forward progress end abruptly. Hitting wind swept hilltop with deep snow drifts. Have I mentioned the snow was deep? Like 46" tire swallowing deep. Ole worked his way to up and with a combination of straps and winches they got Eric free and Ole the up with him. We got word that it was too deep and we weren't going that way. A plan to turn around started.

We got Petey going our first to pack it down followed by Ryan for the same reason. Eric F headed out next with Chris following and George and Adriana soon after. Doc headed up then me. I tried to go as slow as possible to not tear it up but that didn't work all that great. Ole came next then Brandon with Eric S. now bringing up tail gunner. The ride out was mostly uneventful. I caught a snow bank and needed a tug back by Ole. Adriana was being a rookie and driving with thumbs in so she ended up with a little injury there.

Took a group shot facing the sun and everyone headed home. All in all a great day. Felt good to be back on the trail even if we did little driving on the way in. Once some pics re in the gallery I'll come back and edit this with some pics and videos.

[Image: 1f95226cbac2a3356eff352d696cf303.jpg]
Yeah, Yeah I forgot the welder. ��

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