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June 2017 Meeting
Who: Arctic Offroad Members, family, prospects and anyone interested in our club or what we do.
What: Monthly meeting and BBQ/Get together
Where: Chena Lakes Island View Pavilion
When: 03 June 2017 2:00 PM until whenever

Meeting will take place promptly at 2pm. We want to start on time so we can have more time to socialize, play games, swim and what not. We got the Island View pavilion this time, swim beach one wasn't available. This will work out better since it is away from most everyone else. Volleyball court, horse shoes, swimming, fishing and such are all right there as well. Since this is a BBQ potluck style event post up what you are bringing. We don't need everyone to show up with tater chips. If anyone has a grill they can bring that usually works better than using the ones at the pavilion. Also if anyone has some fun summer game idea bring it up or just bring it. The watermelon and rubber bands was pretty fun. Remember it's a family club and we encourage everyone to come and bring the family for a good time.

Meeting Agenda:

Past rides
Past events
Officer Elections
AO Birthday plans need discussed more with what is going to take place
July Meeting

I will update this post as people sign up to bring stuff. Also need a headcount so we can plan accordingly.

Mel (5)- water and juice drinks. Hamburgers and hotdogs, brownies
Ole (3)- Pasta salad
Donald (3-5)- Baked beans
Brian (4)- Hot links and watermelon
Shane (2)- Fizzy drinks
Val (2)- Cucumber salad
Amanda and Petey (2)- Spinach dip and chips
Chris (2)- Buns
I'll bring horse shoes.
If you plan on attending please post up how many people and what you are bringing to eat. This way everyone can plan accordingly.

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Anybody able to bring a grill? If not I think they have the charcoal ones we can use. I have plates and stuff from the Christmas party still that'll I'll bring. We will bring bottled water and juice drinks as well as a side as soon as I figure out what that will be.

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There will be three of us and we're bringing rainbow pasta salad.
3 for me, maybe the grandkids if I am lucky. We will bring Baked Beans.
I have a smallish grill I will bring

4 of us

Bringing watermelon and AK sausage hot links
Two and soft drinks, maybe chips too.

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Eric and I will be there and I will bring cucumber salad.
Could someone please bring buns (hotdog and hamburger)? I'll have burgers and hotdogs as well.
Peter and I are coming and we are bringing hummus and chips

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What pavilion did we rent?
88XJ Wrote:What pavilion did we rent?
. See post#1��
88XJ Wrote:What pavilion did we rent?

78calico Wrote:. See post#1😁

Yeah what he said. :fishslap:

Island view.
I'll bring buns for hamburger and hot dogs just need to know how many and 2 coming
Won't be able to attend tomorrow

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