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July Meeting Minutes
Last time I'm doing this for a while.

Meeting Minutes
30 June 2017

Current BOD:
President: Shane Davis
Vice-President: Eric Francisco
Treasurer: Randy Wise
Secretary: Brandon Wilson
Club Equipment Manage: Gianna Wilson

Members in attendance:
Donald and Linda
Petey and Amanda
If I missed someone I'm sorry. None of the officer present took notes so I was going off of memory.

Introductions done

Past Rides
Summit/Fish Lakes. Was an awesome trip, everyone that didn’t go missed out. Future ride will be planned for the area again. Ole, Brian, Ryan and Eric and Val were in attendance.

Old Business
Trademark has been published for opposition. We should have a final answer by August. This will be a redesign of the logo with the TM mark added.

The website still needs to be fixed. This is unfortunately an ongoing issue. The temporary fix is if you are using a computer be sure to use either Google Chrome or Firefox browsers with the adblocker extension running. You can also view the forum and post using the Tapatalk app on your smart phone.

Upcoming Rides
55 Mile on 02 July 2017. Keep an eye out on the forum for future rides.

Currently none. If you meet someone or know someone that would be interested in the club and seem like a good fit bring them to a meeting.

New Business
The bank account needs the new treasurer added and old one taken off. Randy and Mel will get this taken care of. Earl Olson will be removed from the account and Randy Wise will be added. Mel is still the registered agent with the state. At this time he will remain on the account as a secondary until the officers determine another person to take his place. The persons involved will sign below acknowledging this change.

Earl Olson Lawrence M Whitlock (Mel)
Outgoing Treasure/Account signee Registered Agent/Account signee

Randy Wise Shane Davis
Treasurer President

Upcoming Events
Making Strides Kick Off party Wednesday 19 July from 5:00pm to 7:00pm Location is HooDoo Brewing. Wear your pink AO shirts if you got them. You can sign up for the event at the party and start your fundraising early. Be sure to join Team AO loves the TaTas.

Reminder that upcoming events and rides are posted on the forum and not facebook.

August Meeting
05 August 2017 @3:00pm At Petey and Amanda’s house in North Pole.

Meeting adjourned.
I was there
This is what happens when I go off memory. I figure missing one person isn't too bad.

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