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Jake's Run 2017
Jake's Run: special memorial run for Jake's Run and a celebration of Veterans everywhere.

Nov 11,2017 

Breakfast at Salchaket. They opened early (8am) for us.
Brian & girls (veteran)
Don & Linda with John and his buddy (veteran)
Brandon & Gianna (veteran)
Wayne & boys (veteran) John riding along
Mike (veteran)

The run
Wayne, boys and John 
Eric F
Brian, girls and #115 for me

Easy trail for a bit as it has been widened by a miner.
Got to the play hill with ole leading.
He went up the play hill and did his usual tight turn/try to roll and snapped his passenger axle ujoint taking out the inner and outer shafts. Tore it down and ended up plugging the axle tube with a piece of wood. He continued 3 wheeling.

Next was the climb to the excavator. 
Ole couldn't get up with 3 wheel drive despite being chained. He winched up.
Ryan thundered up. I recall he made 2 runs, but the first one he was too close.
Next was Wayne. He had to work on it but made it.
I went next. Tried the left side. Made it up near the top but the ice was too much.
My next run was a little more left...lost momentum and my rear driver side tire grabbed traction pitching me side hill. All I wanted was to keep the nose up hill so I kept on the throttle as we went to the far bank. Hit a little spruce and it turned me the correct way. Jeep settled down and we pulled back up and winched.

Eric came next.
On his second run he made it....pinging off the rev limiter the whole way.

Mike came next. In the open Double cab. He failed on the first run. Backed way down then came up hard. He nearly stopped short but managed to just grab (and throw) a couple rocks that helped him gain the top.

We regrouped and moved on. Ryan now in the lead.
Going was harder than expected due to ice under the snow. We got to the usual hard climb and Ryan blew a stub shaft. 2 rigs down and 1/3 the way....we turned back.

Group shot at the Mine.

We crossed the creeks and started the last big climb out.
Ryan said "Wayne lost his front driveshaft"
I wondered how he could tell....turns out it was laying on the trail. In a shower of molten steel, his ujoints melted and caught fire. 
Wayne had a spare, swapped it out and off we went.

Ryan couldn't make the climb in 3 wheel drive, so I passed him and encouraged him up with a strap.

Then we all toodled out.

Fun trip. 

Ole: ujoint, stub shaft, inner shaft and chain crosslink
Ryan:? Outer stub
Wayne: front drive shaft
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