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2018 Membership Dues Tracker
Mel Whitlock (akram) - PAID

Ole Olson (78calico) - PAID

C.A. Demoski (Bulldog) PAID
Donald Hertzberg (88XJ) PAID
Brandon Wilson (AKcowboy) PAID
Randy Wise (Wiseguy) - PAID

Shane Davis (Zukman)

Marty Woodrow (boshos)

Brian Accola (Dr Brian)

Petey Fiechtl (AK Petey)

Ryan Kramer (Kozmo)

Chris Osako (RacerChris40)

Eric Francisco (AKrubicon)

John McFaul (Arctic alf)

George Vargo (Jackrabbit)

Marek Dodson (A.E.)

Mike Irvine (SamuraiMike)

Mark Bowers (1QTJeep)
I’ll catch up with ya at the February meeting
I won't be at the Feb meeting, but will make sure someone has the till.
I can pay at the March meeting.

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