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  No more post counts
Posted by: sevenslats - 25 Mar 06, 04:44 am - Forum: News and Announcements - Replies (5)

All registered users, feel free to start threads and seek advice without off-topic posts, thanks to the removal of post counts.
That's right, no longer do ussers rate tehmselves by the number of posts they type on a daily basis. Everyone has been reset to 0, and in no forum will that increase.

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  March Newsletter (posted)
Posted by: XFactor - 06 Mar 06, 09:54 pm - Forum: News and Announcements - Replies (24)

Arctic Offroad Gazette

Rig of the Month: Mousee:

'89 Wrangler
4.2l S&S rebuild with RV cam, Howell fuel injection, Borla header, straight pipe after cat, electric fan from Corvette ac pump converted to air (never used, took apart), optima red top
SM420 tranny
Dana 300 t-case, twin stick, clocked for clearance
10bolt rear welded full width
10bolt front open full width
High angle driveline long travel shaft
custom traction bar with 3/4" rod ends
2.5" springs on SPOA
custom shackle reversal
crossover steering
t-max 9500 winch
tube fenders front
hood pin locks
Full interior cage made for scrambler top clearance
2 light force lights
LED taillights flush mount
LED backup lights
LED front turn signals
Corbou seats
Tuffy console
CD/MP3 deck, two amps, separates up front, 6x9's rear, 12" sub
CB, currently doesn't work b/c of broken antenna
Currently sitting on 33-12.50R15 Dayton timberline m/t's studded and siped

Things soon to happen;
removable flares
removable mud flaps
CJ doors, old style
tube rear fenders
tube rocker guard/covers
redesigned rear bumper with swing out/down
a few additional 'cage bars and finish frame tie ins
redesign the rear hatch area w/ integrated rack
install five point harnesses
add muffler of some kind with cutout

Distant things to happen;
add planetary gear box (own design)
35-16-15 Boggers

Tip of the Month

How To Flush and Clean a Non-Sealed System
1. Park the vehicle on a level surface with engine switched off and heater switch turned to on position. Cover the engine to protect it from splashes.
2. Take off the radiator cap. Turn tap at bottom of radiator to let water out and disconnect upper and lower radiator hoses.
3. Inspect the condition of the hoses. If they are brittle or soggy replace them with new ones.
4. Inspect the old liquid that comes out of the radiator. If it is clean, that's good. If it's dirty, especially if it's brown with rust, the system needs an extra special flushing. Whatever happens flush the system anyway.
5. Put the water hose into the top of the radiator and let it gently flush through for a while, hopefully until the water runs clean again.
6. Put the hose in the bottom radiator outlet and reverse flush. Then flush from the top again .
7. Flush through the engine cooling jacket to remove any deposits.
8. With a very dirty radiator use a can of radiator flush. This involves putting the hoses back on, topping up with water again, inserting the flush treatment and running the engine for a while to loosen corrosion deposits. Then you empty the radiator again and flush again with a water hose, as previously described.
9. When flushing is completed, close radiator tap, refit hoses and fill radiator with coolant. Most modern coolants include corrosion inhibitors and are preferable to plain water.
10. Before replacing the radiator cap, check its condition. If it is old or rusted, put a new one on.
11. Start the engine and let it run while checking for leaks.
12. Go for a drive and check that the cooling system is functioning properly. After this, keep the engine running and again check for leaks.
13. When the engine has cooled down check the coolant level to see if it needs further topping up.
If your radiator has a leak you can purchase a can of leak sealer. This is put in your coolant but is only for small leaks and is only a temporary measure. You can't rely on this in the long term. If a radiator leaks it's best to take it to a specialist for repair or get an exchange unit.
The History of Tread Lightly
The Tread Lightly! concept originated from a task force created by the US Forest Service in 1985. The task force was created due to concerns with the increase of visitors to public lands for recreational purposes. It was concluded that a long term informative program was needed to increase public awareness, that special care of the land must be exercised by recreationalists if opportunities are to continue. Accordingly, the Tread Lightly! program was developed. It's based on the same premise as 'Smokey Bear' and 'Woodsy Owl' programs where Smoky Bear and Woodsy Owl focus on fire and litter respectively, Tread Lightly! emphasizes low impact principles, applicable to all forms of recreational activities.
Soon after Tread Lightly!'s development by the Forest Service, the Bureau of Land Management adopted the program. Corporate America joined forces with the Federal Government's efforts by promoting Tread Lightly! like they had championed the "Don't Drink and Drive" and "Buckle Up" safety programs. Given the popularity of the program, the Federal Government determined, in order to optimize the program's operational and promotional potential, it was logical to transfer the management of Tread Lightly! from the Government to the Private Sector.
In October of 1990, approximately 50 companies and organizations founded the non-profit organization, Tread Lightly! Inc..
Tread Lightly! Inc. is dedicated to spread the word of responsible outdoor recreation, Nationally and Internationally.
Tread Lightly! achieves it's educational goals in three ways:

  1. Develop and distribute educational materials to teachers, youngsters and outdoor recreationalists.
  2. Coordinating media coverage which helps get the Tread Lightly! message out to the public.
  3. Coordinating in both industry and public service agencies, to help promote advertising that demonstrates responsible outdoor recreation.
Now, as we embark on our annual thaw, it is essential that each member, either on a club run, or in their own individual group, remember the principles behind Tread Lightly. Remember AO is a registered club that follows the Tread Lightly principles. Look for an up coming article in the April Newsletter for more information on what you can do to prevent damaging our trails.
March Birthdays and Anniversaries
Jasmine Karras 3/1
Andy Kane 3/2
LawsonEOD 3/4
Kodi Knight 3/6
Jacob 99Ramsport 3/6
Low and Slow 3/7
John David 3/12
ChevyKev 3/13
Mrs. Low and Slow 3/14
Kael Knight 3/14
Zach Burrows 3/15
99Ramsport 3/15

Items To Contemplate

Nenana ORV. Do you want to help?

Meet and Greet 2006 food. Do you want to help prepare food? Can you help take food down to the Meet? Do you have any suggestions for menu items?

Car Wash. Do you have a date in mind? Can you help? Will you be able to loan any hoses or other useful supplies?

Do you like to go on trail rides? Do you have a favorite trail? Do you want to trail boss?

Do you like the newsletter? Do you have an article you would like to see published? Do you have any suggestions to make it better (layout, colors, topics, etc)?

What came first the Chicken or the Egg?

Easter is upon us. Do I smell an afternoon Easter Run?


Words to find:
Jeep Sazuki Xterra Boggers
Blazer Toyota Ford HiLift
Dodge GMC Rubicon ARB
Winch Stinger Napa Spare Tire
Dana GPS Oil Change Manchu

See how many club members names you can find. The one that can find the most club members names will get a special mention in the April newsletter.

Do you have a favorite game that you would like to see featured in an upcoming newsletter? Get with X-Factor and let him know.

Disclaimer: This game is intended for the sole purpose of providing entertainment. Rebroadcasting or duplication of this game without the express written consent of AO is a criminal offense punishable by washing every members rig monthly for the next 12 months. Now go have some fun and see what you can find. Remember its not if you win or lose but how you play the game. Big Grin

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  Attn. Arctic Offroad members and guests
Posted by: naturalbornmudder - 16 Feb 06, 07:26 am - Forum: News and Announcements - Replies (60)

The is an official disclaimer:

Arctic Offroad is a family oriented club for enjoying the sport of 4 wheeling. The trails we drive are technical in nature, and you must accept the fact that trail damage is a possibility on any Arctic Offroad trail ride.
In the past there have been trail breaks that resulted in rollovers, body damage, steering and driveline damage, engine or transmission destruction, removal of paint and body moulding, busted out glass, frame bending, etc.

Please acknowledge this thread as an official notification

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  Private Messages
Posted by: sevenslats - 12 Feb 06, 12:24 am - Forum: News and Announcements - Replies (18)

You may notice you have a few more now. It's something we're working on from the conversion to vBulletin.
Keep in mind, the limits set at the February meetinig will be put into effect 1 March.
Forum Members: 25 pm limit
Club Members: 50 pm limit
Club Officers: 100 pm limit

Also, don't reply to the email notification that you have received a PM. That reply will not go to the sender of the PM, rather the sender of the notification. That's the webmaster.

Thanks for understanding.

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  Site Upgrade
Posted by: ArinEOD - 11 Feb 06, 04:56 pm - Forum: News and Announcements - Replies (9)

Arcticoffroad.com has recently moved the forum to vBulletin and integrated it into the entire site. Part of moving to this amazing software is that you are required to reset your password, if you follow this link and enter your email address you will be emailed directions to resetting your password.

Click here to reset your password and get access to the site

Arcticoffroad.com Webmaster and Staff

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